Our Services

  Real Time Data Processing

We use complex event processing technologies to help customers creating custom messaging systems, live data visualizations, real-time business analytics. Our solutions typically process streaming data, feeds, and browser event data to deliver real-time results. We provide executives and their organizations with the ability to make decisions and immediately act through manual or automated actions.


We produce prediction applications using machine learning methods (both unsupervised learning and supervised learning models), time series methods, regression analysis, and data mining methods. We take your project and perform all stages from analysis through design to implementation.
Our close partnerships with academia keep our knowledge always up to date.

  Automated Decision

We build Decision Systems, usually as rule-based systems, towards automation of business processes or to provide recommendations including scoring applications closely related to business analytics. While the business rules can be created or operated by the business analysts, they can trigger automatic actions as a part of the business process.

  Online Presence Management

We have learned that success with Social Media Management requires focusing on the long term. It requires testing and iterating. There is no secret recipe. The most successful communicators use a calculated blend of art and science to deliver meaningful messages to their fans, the friends of their fans, and the people discovering products for the first time. We deliver a cloud-based service to ensure Social Marketers win.

  Web Content Optimization

We help our customers to use semantic annotations providing additional semantic information (metadata) about their Web content. We develop inside a standardized approach and use an universal annotation language allowing web applications, especially search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, others) to perform a better indexing.
We are involved in the entire data chain from producing to processing of semantic annotations.

  Linked Data

We develop applications allowing our customers to produce and use Linked Data, including Open Data available on the European Union Open Data Portal and national open data sources (such as the German GovData) to produce paid or free applications in various areas including the tourism market and the energy market. We also develop intelligent rich web applications (aka intelligent mashups) dynamically combining data from different sources.

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